Jo Binns Fine Artist 

The Hawthorns, Lower Godney, Wells, Somerset BA5 1RZ
Telephone 01458 831 387

About me

I did a fine art degree at Chelsea and West Surrey, at the end of which I sold 11 paintings at the Islington Arts Fair, something of a record.   I went on to sell paintings at the Royal College of Art exhibitions and at various Hampstead venues, including the Hampstead School of Art, where I taught for 10 years.  The paintings I have sold privately are now in England Scotland Greece Spain and Brazil.

My Work

I paint the changing face of nature - at times sublime, terrible, capricious - and try to discover the essential form that every living thing has, according to the circumstances of its life. Colour is paramount, as it not only captures a moment but invests the painting with emotion. I love the landscapes of some painters who are better known for the human story they are telling, such as Fra Angelico, Titian (Diana in the woods), Poussin's thrilling tree trunks and Gainsborough, the whole great history of English landscape painting, the Bloomsbury Group and the Americans including Albert Pinkham Ryder and especially Milton Avery, whose depictions of his wife and daughter in the landscape are so tender.  I also bear in mind the sumi-e, where space represents God (rather than being called 'negative', as we do) and the inked mass, man and his machinations.  Space and mass need to be in harmony.

Do look through my work posted here (more will follow) and if you want to ask me anything, or buy a picture, contact me on


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